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Surfschool-Katwijk organises various activities on the beach and in the water. In 2006, we began as a surfing school for wave surfing lessons. Various other activities have become part of our range since then. These days, we are an ‘all round’ surfing school and have something on offer for everyone. Lesson quality and safety are our top priorities!

Looking for a great children’s party? Surfschool-Katwijk is also the right place for a splashing great children’s party on the beach or in the sea. The birthday boy/girl chooses one of the challenging clinics, and afterwards everyone gets chips at the beach-front B.E.A.C.H pavilion.

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Wave surfing

Standing on a wave surf board and riding the waves all the way to the beach! We start with the basic techniques on the beach, after which you get into the water (under supervision) and get to experience the rush of wave surfing! We offer lessons for each skill level. Our certified instructors only work with ‘soft tops’ in various sizes. Experience how ‘hot’ wave surfing is in the Netherlands and that circumstances are often excellent for mastering the basics of wave surfing.

Kids Experience (8 - 16 year-olds)

Every Wednesday at 16.00 or 16.30, Surfschool-Katwijk organises the Kids Experience. These popular lessons are suitable for children aged 8 to 16 years. Our instructors teach your children the basics of wave surfing in a playful and entertaining way. Of course, there is a lot of focus on rules and water safety during the lessons. Swimming diploma required.

Stand Up Paddle surfing (Suppen)

A new trend that has reached Surfschool-Katwijk first! As the name implies, you stand on a surf board and propel yourself forward with a paddle. This new form of water sports is extraordinarily popular right now and can be practiced by both young and old. Experience for yourself how easy it is to learn this sport, while also being a good workout. We have a wide range of Stand Up Paddle boards in various sizes. Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced ‘Supper’, we have the right board for every circumstance.

Longboard skating

Another first this season is longboarding. This type of skateboarding is a lot like wave surfing. By longboarding, you’re working on your ‘board feeling’ on land, and it’s a lot of fun, too. We start the lesson in a large carpark, where you will be taught the basics. If everything goes well, we can start cruising through Katwijk. While longboarding, wearing protective gear and a helmet is required. These are supplied by the Surfschool and the rental is included in the price.

Kitesurfing (NEW!!)

This season is also the first time we will be teaching kitesurfing. Lessons will be taught by an experienced and certified kitesurfing instructor. Lessons are available for every skill level, for ages 16 and up. Experience one of the most spectacular sports ever invented. Our lessons are taught at sea, with the advantage of learning to ride the waves right away. Of course we take the skill level of our students into account. If the waves are too rough, or the wind direction is unfavourable, the lesson will be taught on the inland waters. Safety is our No. 1 priority, so helmet and life jacket are required. We use modern and safe kites.


With a body board, it only takes a few practice runs before you can ride a wave to the beach! This type of water sports is also very suitable for young children, and you get a real rush when there are high waves.

Wind surfing

New at Surfschool-Katwijk this season are the wind surfing lessons. An experienced instructor will teach you the basics of wind surfing. We use modern wind surfing materials that are highly suitable for beginning wind surfers. If conditions at sea are unfavourable, lessons can be taught on inland waters.


For this spectacular activity, teamwork is very important. You and your friends or colleagues are in a coast raft together, fighting the breakers! As a team, you try to paddle your way through the breakers in order to eventually surf along on a wave! Rafting is very suitable as a team building exercise or group outing.

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/ Group activities

Under the banner of ‘Activiteiten aan Zee’ (Seaside activities), we have been organising various (group) activities for young and old in and around Katwijk. A combination of several activities is also an option, and we are happy to advise you on putting together a suitable programme.

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/ Children’s party

Surfschool-Katwijk is also the right place for a splashing great children’s party on the beach or in the sea. The birthday boy/girl chooses one of the challenging clinics, and afterwards everyone gets chips at the beach-front Beach pavilion. We make it all possible!

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/ Renting

Surfschool-Katwijk has a wide range of surf and sup boards; both hard and soft tops in various sizes. We use winter and summer wetsuits and carry all sizes. Early and late in the season, the use of special shoes and gloves is also free.

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