From €18,50 p.p.

Discover your balance on the asphalt!

The first step to surfing

Ideal for children’s parties and school groups

Longboard skating

Longboard skating in Katwijk takes you cruising through Katwijk with a surfboard on wheels. Maybe your talents lie on the asphalt instead of the sea! Ideal for school groups and/or children’s parties.
Time 1,5 Hours
Price From €18,50 p.p.
Accompaniment Including guidance
Intensity Sportive

This is how longboard skating works

Longboard skating in Katwijk is a combination of skateboarding and surfing. You’re surfing, but on the asphalt! The surroundings of Katwijk are a very suitable location for beautiful rides on a longboard. It’s similar to a surfboard, but on wheels. With this, you immediately get the ‘surf feeling’ under control. So, you learn the basic techniques for the sea at the same time!

We start the longboard lesson in a large parking lot in Katwijk. Here, we teach you the basics of longboarding, with a strong emphasis on safety. Assuming you pick it up quickly, which we certainly expect, you’ll soon be cruising through beautiful Katwijk. During longboarding, wearing protective gear and a helmet is mandatory. However, you don’t need to bring any of this yourself; the equipment is provided by Surfschool Katwijk and is fully included in the price.



  • From what age is longboard skating?

    We have a minimum age requirement of 10 years due to safety considerations.

  • What kind of clothes should I bring?

    For longboard skating, we recommend wearing sportswear.

  • How large are the groups?

    Each instructor is responsible for a maximum of 10 people.

  • Are we playing the game against each other?

    Once everyone has mastered the basics, we’ll take a beautiful ride through the dunes.

“A great place to learn and enjoy surfing for all ages! Our children started with birthday parties, then went to summer camps and group lessons. Now surfing has become a passion for the whole family thanks to the always friendly and highly professional staff”


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