From €18,50 p.p.

Conquer the mighty North Sea

Your first step to surfing

Ideal voor team- and school outings and kids parties.

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Allow the child in you to come out

Bodyboarding Katwijk is a very fun and accessible water activity, especially suitable for children. Get to know the power of the sea and brave the beautiful waves of the North Sea. The kids can use all their energy during this activity.
Time 1,5 Hours
Price From €18,50 p.p.
Accompaniment Including guidance
Intensity Sportive/Recreative

How does it work?

Bodyboarding Katwijk is actually the little brother of wave surfing. Who didn’t used to bodyboard on the Katwijk beach? Exactly, all of us! And that’s why you can bodyboard at Surfschool-Katwijk. Bodyboarding is maybe the most fun and child-friendly activity you can think of. We give clinics bodyboarding under the guidance of our instructors. With a bodyboard, you can ride a real wave to the beach after just a few practices!
This activity can be booked from 5 to 50 persons.

Bodyboarding as kids’ parties!

Seen enough of that bowling alley by now and are tired of the local pool too? Go for something more challenging! Celebrate your children’s party at Surfschool Katwijk and undertake various activities, including bodyboarding, of course. For the most fun kids’ parties, Surfschool-Katwijk is the place to be. The ‘birthday boy or girl’ can choose from a challenging clinic in the water or on the beach and afterward, they can all have some French fries at the Watering Beach pavilion. 
The birthday boy or girl can choose from the following clinics: bodyboarding, surfing, and longboarding (skating). On our page ‘kids parties’ you can find more information.


  • What is the minimum age of this activity?

    Bodyboarding is accessible to young and old, as long as you have a swimming diploma.


  • What clothes should I bring?

    Only swimming trunks/extra underwear or bikini/swimsuit and a towel should be brought by yourself, the rest will be provided by us.

  • How big are the groups?

    We maintain 8 children per instructor. Larger group? No problem, we just add an extra instructor.

  • How does a lesson of bodyboarding work?

    We get this question very often because surely you just buy a bodyboard at the toy store and dive into the water. Nothing could be further from the truth, bodyboarding consists of different techniques such as how best to paddle a wave. Plus our instructors will teach you all kinds of cool tricks!

“Super leuke middag gehad met vrienden. Het expeditie Robinson spel gedaan onder leiding van Koos! Leuke spelletjes op strand, omdat het zo warm was met z’n allen op de mega sup op zee! Het was een sportieve gezellige middag met elkaar, een aanrader voor jong en oud.

Koos is een topper!!!”


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