Starting from €18,50 p.p.

Experience the adventures on television in real life!

Possible with a drink in hand

Ideal for corporate outings and bachelor parties

Robinson Express


Surfschool Katwijk has been organizing the group activity “Expeditie Robinson” for years, and with great success.

We are proud to offer a similar experience with Robinson at the table from now on. This activity is accessible to everyone and perfect for groups who are not keen on the physical aspect of the Expeditie Robinson. Experience the team-building challenges from TV comfortably at the table with a drink in hand.

Robinson at the table can be realized both at our location and indoors at a beach pavilion.

Time 2 - 2,5 hours
Price Starting from €18,50 p.p.
Accompaniment Including guidance
Intensity Recreational

Here’s how Robinson at the table works

In teams of 5-6 people, you’ll engage in a 2 to 2.5-hour challenge. The team that works together best and has that extra bit of luck will take home our renowned Robinson trophy. The challenges are varied and enjoyable for all ages, combining puzzle-solving, teamwork, logical thinking, and tactical insight. That’s why it’s highly suitable for team-building or group outings. Is your company, school, group of friends, or family Robinson-proof?


Here next to you will find a number of components that will be played during your expedition. Of course, we cannot reveal too much to prevent cheating. Preferences for components can always be indicated.


Robinson at the Table” can take place at any location, whether it’s at our beach or at your company or school. In combination with a lunch, drinks, or dinner arrangement, this activity can also be organized at a beach pavilion or meeting room.

Feel free to check out for more information on the available options or fill out the form below.

  • Jenga

    Everyone is familiar with the game ‘Jenga’. The teams take turns removing a block from the tower, then placing the same block back on top of the tower. The team that knocks the tower over is, of course, the loser.

  • Standing Puzzle

    Crack the numbers of the code lock and unlock all puzzle pieces. Then, place them in the correct order on the bars to solve the puzzle.

  • Magic Triangle

    Free all 9 numbers by working together and slove the math puzzle.

  • Combination Puzzle

    Do you solve this puzzle together faster than Eva in the last season of Expeditie Robinson?
    Move all 15 puzzle discs in the correct order and solve the puzzle.

  • Crack the number lock

    Obtain all 4 hints to solve a mathematical puzzle, open the combination lock, and discover which shape needs to be made with the Tangram puzzle. The ‘Tangram’ is a challenge for the mathematicians among you. It is a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven pieces: five triangles of different sizes, a square, and a parallelogram. With these pieces, you can form a square, but also various other shapes.

  • Tower of Hanoi

    The legend goes that when the Tower of Hanoi is solved by the Hindu priests in the Indian city of Benares, the world will come to an end. This tower consists of 64 golden discs. It is your task to solve this tower with 9 discs first.


  • What clothing should i wear?

    For this activity you don’t have to wear special clothes.

  • What do we win?

    The winning team will take our ‘Expeditie Robinson Cup’ home!

  • How large are the groups?

    Every team will have 5 or 6 team members. the maximum amount of people you can play this activity with is 200.


“Had a great afternoon with friends. Played the Expeditie Robinson game led by Koos! Fun beach games, and because it was so warm, we all went on the mega SUP in the sea! It was a sporty and enjoyable afternoon together, highly recommended for all ages.

Koos is amazing!!!”


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