Starting from €18,50 p.p.

Experience the adventure on television in real life!

Create your own expedition by selecting various games

Ideal for corporate outings and bachelor parties

Expeditie Robinson

The most popular team-building activity for groups of 8 or more people

The ‘Expeditie Robinson’ consists of various original and challenging components on the beach and, if desired, in the sea. Work together with friends or colleagues to complete challenging tasks and determine who ultimately takes home the Expeditie Robinson trophy!

The components are partly based on the popular TV show Expeditie Robinson and partly self-designed.

The Expeditie Robinson is our most popular team-building activity and is accessible to everyone.

Time 2,5 Hours
Price Starting from €18,50 p.p.
Accompaniment Including guidance
Intensity Recreational/Sportive

This is how Expeditie Robinson works

In teams of 5-6 people, you’ll compete against each other. The team that works best together and has that extra bit of luck will take home our renowned Robinson trophy. The challenges are varied and enjoyable for both young and old. It’s a combination of solving puzzles, making fire, archery, and building objects. That’s why it’s highly suitable for team-building or group outings. Is your company, school, group of friends, or family Robinson-proof?


Every season, we strive to make the components even more fun and challenging. The components for this season are listed here. All components are accessible to everyone and are supervised by us. Find some of our components listed here; of course, we can’t reveal everything.

Expeditie Robinson Junior

For the young adventurers, we also organize the Junior Expedition Robinson. Special components designed for children. Inquire about the possibilities.




  • Catapult

    During the “mega catapult” activity, each team is provided with poles, ropes, and a catapult. The team collaboratively builds a structure. Once your structure is sturdy, the real work begins! Only through good teamwork, strength, tactics, and agility can you hit the target.

  • Making fire

    An Expedition Robinson challenge is only complete when participating in the fire-making trial. Shoot all targets off the poles with the bows and unlock all the necessary materials for making fire. You try to make fire as quickly as possible using a flint, hay, and twigs. The first one to burn through the string wins this classic challenge!


  • Memory

    Test your memory with this classic challenge. Memory may seem simple, but looks can be deceiving! Everyone has played Memory at some point, but can your team handle our more extensive and challenging version?

  • Solve the numberlock

    Acquire all 4 hints to solve an arithmetic puzzle, unlock the combination lock, and discover which shape needs to be made with the Tangram puzzle. The “Tangram” is a challenge for the mathematicians among you. It’s a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven pieces: five triangles of different sizes, a square, and a parallelogram. With these pieces, you can form a square, but also various other shapes.




  • Magic square

    Dig your way under the bar to reach the magic square. Divide the team strategically into a physical and a mental team to ultimately solve this mathematical puzzle by placing all the dice in the right positions in the square.

  • Tide game

    A classic element known to everyone from the popular series ‘Expeditie Robinson’! The challenge of guiding water through bamboo is played every year and is known as a tough challenge! Can you build the best structure and get the water from A to B as quickly as possible?

  • Bamboo Bucket

    The “Bamboo Bucket” game revolves around teamwork, agility, and concentration. Work together with your team to build your own “bucket” as quickly as possible, and then try to get the various balls into it. The balls may only be moved between the bamboo poles. Can your team successfully complete this challenge?

  • Jenga

    Everyone is familiar with the game ‘Jenga’. The teams take turns removing a block from the tower, and then place the same block back on top of the tower. The team that knocks over the tower is, of course, the loser.




  • what is the minimum age for participating in Expeditie Robinson?

    The Expeditie Robinson can be played independently from the age of 12 or under the supervision of an adult.

  • Is the Expeditie Robinson accessible to everyone?

    Yes, indeed! The Expeditie Robinson consists of a mix of mental and physical challenges, making it accessible to everyone. Good teamwork is key!

  • How big are the groups?

    The Expeditie can be played with up to 150 people at a time. You never play the Expedition against another group. We form teams of 5 to 6 people.

  • Are the activities supervised?

    Each activity is supervised by an experienced instructor. They will provide instructions and keep track of the progress. Cheating is impossible 😉


  • Do we play the game against each other?

    Yes, your group will be divided into teams of 5 to 6 people, and each team will compete against another team in each challenge to determine which team is the strongest.

“What a great afternoon we had with friends. We did the Expeditie Robinson game led by Coos! Fun games on the beach, and because it was so warm, we all went on the mega SUP in the sea! It was a sporty and enjoyable afternoon together, highly recommended for young and old alike.


Coos is amazing!!!”



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