From €35,- p.p.

Test your skills on the ATB (All-Terrain Bike) trail

From beginner to advanced

Ideal for corporate outings and bachelor parties

Test your skills on the course

The real adventurers join us in the dunes, enjoying mountain biking through hilly terrain on a true mountain bike course. This activity is highly suitable as a group activity. You can also rent the mountain bikes so you can explore on your own.

Time 2 - 2,5 Hours
Price From €35,- p.p.
Accompaniment Including guidance
Intensity Sportive


You can unleash your energy on the diverse and challenging mountain bike course. Push yourself to the limit, as well as your colleagues or friends. Discover the hilly dunes and rough sandy paths in the woods. This activity is perfect for corporate events and group outings. Enjoy the refreshing air in the beautiful natural surroundings of the dune and forest area. The course offers a variety of environments and difficulty levels.

Can you master the techniques and leave your friends or colleagues far behind? That remains to be seen! There are various aspects to consider in completing the course flawlessly. Factors such as body posture, shifting gears, braking, and steering play crucial roles. Anticipation of the course is also key. Pay attention to the various climbs and descents and maintain the perfect balance. Our instructors will provide detailed explanations.

The mountain biking activity is suitable for ages 12 and up and is great for group participation. We have hosted various groups including schools, bachelor parties, corporate events, and birthday parties. The activity is available from March to October, and of course, there are showers available to wash off all that mud afterwards.


Renting mountain bikes is also possible. You can venture out on your own at self-chosen locations. For detailed information such as rates, we kindly refer you to our contact form. Please note: renting a mountain bike is by appointment only!


Mountain biking in Katwijk is one of the activities we offer. The coast of Katwijk is an excellent location for various beach and water activities. Combine land and sea. You could also choose to combine mountain biking with other fun water sports. Check out our overview for our complete range of activities!


  • From what age is mountain biking?

    We provide courses for individuals aged 12 and up

  • What kind of clothes should I bring?

    For mountain biking, you should wear sports clothing. Keep in mind that this clothing may get a bit dirty.

  • Are there different sizes of mountain bikes?

    The mountain bikes come in different frame sizes. Also, the height of the saddle is adjustable so that everyone has the perfect bike size.

  • Can you change your clothes?

    On-site, we have 2 changing rooms where you can change your clothes and leave your valuables.

“Had a great afternoon with friends. Played the Expeditie Robinson game led by Koos! Fun beach games, and because it was so warm, we all went on the mega SUP in the sea! It was a sporty and enjoyable afternoon together, highly recommended for all ages.

Koos is amazing!!!”


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