Kitesurfing lessons selection and prices

We have a large selection of various courses for each skill level. Prices indicated include all the necessary materials. If you want to sign up for a kitesurfing lesson or are looking for more information about our courses, contact us using the contact form.

Payment is done in cash at the first lesson (please pay the exact money), or in advance into our bank account. Card payments are not an option. You will decide at the end of the first lessons whether you will take follow-up lessons at reduced rates. We will also ask you to pay those directly. And if you don’t want that, no worries! You can still take as many lessons at the standard hourly rate as you wish. Classes can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. If you have already paid for the class, you will be reimbursed.

Introductory course

/  Are you looking for an introduction to kitesurfing?

We have a 3-hour group lesson with 2 participants for €100,00 pp or a 2-hour private lesson for €125,00 We start with handling a small training kite. Meanwhile, we explain theory about the weather, the wind window and the controls. As soon as you have mastered the training kite, we switch to an inflatable, larger kite that I used on the water. Setting up the kite, safety rules and systems (dumping power), launching and landing the kite are discussed at length.

You will learn to control the kite, walk it along the beach and as soon as you understand how the game works, we take to the water and speed up kite steering to build up power. Body dragging with and without board and the power stroke are discussed. The speed of the lesson depends on your experience, progress and the circumstances. In order to safely and independently progress in your kitesurfing career, you will need three lessons on average.

Three-day beginner course

/  Want to really learn kitesurfing?

We have a 9-hour group lesson with 2 participants for €255 pp or a 6-hour private lesson for €330. We pick up where we left off during the introductory course. We will teach you maximum control of your kite. The self-rescue, rules for right of way and other theory are discussed so you can kitesurf safely and independently. As soon as your control is up to par, we will teach you the water start, and have you sail your first yards. It’s like nothing else! We will then further improve your skills.

Advanced course

/  Looking to improve your skills after one of our courses?

We have follow-up lessons which can be booked individually (2-hour minimum) for €27.50 per hour per person for a group lessons and €50 per hour for a private lesson. The water start and sailing improve. Gaining height, getting back to the place you started. The transition, learning to turn. Extensive theory.

Separate hours of Private lessons our Group lessons

/  Are you looking for full attention or want to book a separate lesson?

We have a private lesson for €55 per hour or a group lesson with 2 participants for €30 per hour per person (2-hour minimum). So you are not required to follow an entire course. Create your own lesson plan. You are in charge. More attention and more progress in a shorter time with private lessons. In group lessons, you learn from your fellow participant. A short lesson is useful if you already have skills, but need a bit of extra teaching to kitesurf independently. Or if you haven’t decided yet if you want to continue with a full course.

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